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Thursday, November 25, 2010 8:40 AM by nairdo

JSON DataMy good friend and co-worker, Jason Offutt, recently started blogging over at JsonData.tumblr.com.  (Yes, not only is he a developer and an artist, he's also a great writer!)  In our spare time, Jason and I have been working on a couple of open source projects. One of them, his baby, is an MVC web application for allowing organizations to start giving campaigns w/sponsors and the other is still very young and undisclosed. The topic of open source is a frequent discussion among the guys involved in these projects and Jason just wrote a great article about open source development in the .NET world --- which is something many non-MS developers may not realize is happening.

As I mentioned at RefreshCache, it's a shame when can't utilize the tools and experience we've gained during our regular job when we continue the work of our ministry in the off hours; whether we're helping build a website for an orphanage in Nepal or writing software for a parachurch ministry.  We love Arena ChMS as application development framework, but it's not open source and we just can't use it for our other projects.

We can't control the choices of our vendors, but we can control our own actions. This is part of the reason why Jason and I are involved in these other two projects.  I'll be posting more about all this early next year.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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