Mind Storm

Saturday, June 11, 2011 7:02 AM by nairdo

Here are a few of the things swirling around in my head that make it hard to sleep...

  • thinking about new friends I met in North Africa that live in tents (refugees) and have lost everything due to the revolution
  • having so much side work I have to turn customers away
  • emails I haven't responded to
  • still top-secret and not secret side projects such as Grassroots
  • the need to do more RefreshCache 2011 prep work
  • thinking about how to keep up with news, software tech, tweets, feeds, and friends
  • trying to figure out when we can upgrade our Arena to a newer version
  • potential security holes
  • bugs
  • bed bugs (not that I have any -- just knowing that they exist somewhere out there)
  • Quantative Easing 3
  • thinking about and publishing a list of things that are keeping me awake at night
  • recursion
Ok, they say if you just write things down that you'll feel better and can get back to work. We'll see if that works.


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