Rock ChMS, An Open Source Church Management System and CMS Framework

Monday, October 10, 2011 1:11 PM by nairdo

Rock ChMS - an Open Source Church Management SystemI've joined forces with an initially small team of developers and artists to form the Spark Development Network ( and we are creating a new, open source Church Management System (ChMS) called Rock ChMS. You can read the press release if you wish.

This may come as no surprise to some of you after hearing me last year at RefreshCache ( and previous rants on why open source is the best option.  Last week I reviewed my "State of the Union" presentation from last October.  Reading that now, you might think that Rock ChMS was already underway; however our group had not even had a single discussion about anything remotely related.  Over the years several groups tried to apply pressure to our vendors to release open source versions of their product and I think we waited as long as we could, but in the spirit of RefreshCache, decided to just make it happen on our own.
Although everyone at Spark Development Network will have slightly different reasons, basically we wanted to collaborate on a framework that was free for the Christian Church and para-church community, that's beautiful, easy and simple to use, easy to administrate, open source and easy to develop against for the church developer community.  For those who want to eventually run their church on Rock ChMS, should they ever encounter a mission critical bug, their developer can jump in and fix it without having to wait for an official patch.

Rock ChMS is only a pre-alpha seed at the moment, but the source is now open and publicly available on Github: This was done so that others could collaborate and get involved from the earliest days of the project.  Rock ChMS is going to be a full featured Church Management System built on top of a custom CMS application framework, so you may find it's similar to other CMS frameworks you've used in the past. It's an ASP.NET 4.0 Entity Framework application written in C#, so if you’re serious about wanting to help The Church, then git on over to GitHub and fork the repo. When you're ready, submit a pull request and we'll take a look at your work. If you're interested in knowing more or want to get involved in other ways, sign up on our Stay in Touch page.


  1. Keischa Says:
    Wow, this is in every respect what I neeedd to know.
  2. This End Up Says:

    A little over a year ago the Spark Development Network was formed and at RefreshCache v3 we announced

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