Rock, The First Year

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 10:18 AM by nairdo

What a year. We just wrapped up RefreshCache v7 at the 2015 National Church IT Network Round-table (CITRT) where I was asked to present a 10 minute update on the Rock RMS project. Luckily the hard-working team at Harvest recorded the 10Talks so you can watch it on this YouTube channel if you'd like to get an update on what has happened over the last year.

One thing I forgot to mention during the update was this: "yes, even that beautiful booth we had at the event was donated -- and it was donated by the people who made it, the amazing people at Group Imaging." (If you ever have the need for printed displays, apparel, or promotional items, you won't go wrong giving your business to them.)

At the event, there was tons of excitement about finally having access (it's free) to an enterprise level CMS/ChMS Relationship Management System like Rock. Although we're planning the Rock eXperience 2015 event on Oct 26-27 in AZ, many expressed a desire for Rock specific workshops at this year's CITRT. We'll see what we can do at next year's 10th anniversary event being hosted by our close friends and Rock development partners at NewSpring Church.

Rock McKinley 4.0 News

Some news we leaked was the eminent release of Rock McKinley 4.0. If you looked at the earlier versions of Rock, you might have noticed it lacked some important features. We knew this. It's why the Rock core team's churches couldn't move to Rock. With this next release, it's enabled Christ's Church of the Valley (as of this writing, they're on the 4.0 pre-release) to move to Rock and will enable my church to move off our current Church Management System over the next few months. (Side note: Although there are more organizations using Rock in production we don't know them all. On the site we only publish those who self-report their organization's implementation status and I'm looking forward to finally making our half circle a full circle.)

Rock Support

Another piece of huge news is the Spark Development Network (the 501c3 that manages Rock) is going to take away another reason why some were saying they couldn't move to Rock: support.

If your organization needs to pay someone to help with implementation or help with problem solving, the Spark Development Network is partnering with Kingdom First Solutions who will start offering this as a for-fee service option. We are super excited about this partnership because, not only is the team at KFS is a remarkable group of guys who really understand ministry, they are like minded and like-hearted as the Spark team. Again, Rock is free and you don't have to pay for support, but if you must, now you can. :)

I've got more to say, but that's enough for now.


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