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Saturday, May 28, 2005 1:50 AM by nick

Attachment: LegoMozaic.gif (4866 bytes) Sometime around 2002, I began serving on a ministry team at my church.  While working with the ushering team leaders, I realized I could apply my unique work history and software development skills to help manage the time consuming and cumbersome task of scheduling ushers.  The web app was a success, but the impact was only to one ministry.  Something began to stir inside me.

As time went on, the desire to devote my work effort to "the Church" increased and I imagined what it would be like if all of Christ's developers began working together.   Each developer's efforts would not only help their local church but actually be used by many churches.  Each church would reap the benefits of all developers.  It was like a multiplication of fruit.  It was just a dream, but I called it "Coders for Christ".

In 2004 I left my job at Motorola in order to spend more time to help raise my son and work part time at my local church, Central Christian Church of the East Valley (CCCEV Central). At Central I develop ministry related software, web integrated applications, and other odd developer jobs.

If you follow my old blog from 2005 and beyond, you'll see the seed growing herehere, and here.  In 2006, the dream became a reality when Arena ChMS was born.  Now, along other churches involved in the Arena Community, I'm actively working toward the goals of the dream...

My dream, passion and goal (really!  I'm 100% serious about this) is to collaborate with other christian developers to create open-source software for "the Church".

When I'm not coding (in C#, perl, java), I'm usually image editing (w/Photoshop) or 3D animating (w/Lightwave), or playing legos Halo with my son, Anthony.



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