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  • Github's Diff Sorta Stinks

    Ever make a commit to Git and then look at the commit&#39;s diff in Github you say to yourself --&quot;I didn&#39;t do that!&quot; &nbsp;It&#39;s probably just diff confusion caused by whitespace. &nbsp;Here&#39;s my change where I just wrapped code with a try catch block: Here&#39;s that same change as seen in my favorite editor&#39;s ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on September 27, 2017
  • Rock, The First Year

    What a year. We just wrapped up RefreshCache v7 at the 2015 National Church IT Network Round-table (CITRT) where I was asked to present a 10 minute update on the Rock RMS project. Luckily the hard-working team at Harvest recorded the 10Talks so you can watch it on this YouTube channel&nbsp;if you&#39;d like to get an update on what has happened ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on October 27, 2015
  • Rock RMS is Released

    It recently came to my attention that someone thought the Rock project was dead because the team members were not blogging about it on our personal blogs. How far from the truth! In all fairness, we probably should have told everyone months ago to go read the Rock blog for the latest details about it. So please go do that now... Let me just ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on November 3, 2014
  • Simply SQL Loops

    (I&#39;m mostly writing this for myself... to remind myself how easy this can be.) I recently needed to record some metrics for our prayer ministry using data we&#39;ve been collecting over the past 5 years. &nbsp;We had the data in various other tables, so I just needed a quick way to pull them out and insert them into our metric table. No ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on May 27, 2014
  • Rock Beta Status

    From a blogging perspective, I&#39;ve been in a cave for the past 6-12 months helping to get Rock into it&#39;s beta phase. &nbsp;If you are hungry for Rock news, hopefully you&#39;re plugged into our podcasts, our Getting Started docs, our Q &amp; A system, or Jon&#39;s Rock blog posts.&nbsp; Those sources will help you know what&#39;s going ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on April 23, 2014
  • RefreshCache is Four Weeks Away

    RefreshCache (RC) is four weeks away, so if you&#39;ve been slacking it&#39;s not too late to register. If you do so before Sept 30th, you&#39;ll be eligible to win the Surface RT we&#39;re giving away. This year we&#39;re experimenting by joining forces with the great guys and gals that run the National Church IT RoundTable (aka CITRT or Church ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on September 26, 2013
  • Rock ChMS Update

    A little over a year ago the Spark Development Network was formed and at RefreshCache v3 we announced our intentions to begin developing a Church Management System called Rock ChMS.&nbsp; Where are we now? Well, hopefully you&#39;ve subscribed to the semi-regular newsletters we&#39;ve been sending out.&nbsp; If you didn&#39;t,&nbsp;go&nbsp;do ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on March 12, 2013
  • Server Swap Leads to SPN Discovery

    I thought I understood DNS and naming enough to make a&nbsp;seamless server swap/upgrade,&nbsp;however during our test attempt to &#39;upgrade&#39; one of our internal servers&nbsp;we ran into problems that ultimately was due to something called the &quot;Service Principal Name&quot;. Here was the&nbsp;scenario...(the server names used below ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on March 6, 2013
  • re: Mobile Phone Check-in

    @JacobR, at the moment there is no way for you get a copy. &nbsp;It&#39;s only a local test branch based off the CheckInWizard 1.4.0 code. &nbsp;You can get 1.4.0 here: Also, it&#39;s still certainly an Arena Module. &nbsp;In the future, it will be a Rock Block for the ...
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on July 13, 2012
  • re: Mobile Phone Check-in

    Update: At one of our campuses we had 50% of the 1163 kids (580 to be exact) check in using this mobile, non-native, web-app! &nbsp;At that campus we checked in one kid every second during that first, peak minute. &nbsp;I'll &nbsp;blog all the details and metrics next week.
    Posted to This End Up (Weblog) by nairdo on July 10, 2012
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